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The aim of A1 Car Loans is to provide you with the best car loan products available.  Our rates start from 7.95%.
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Lease    Hire Purchase    Chattel Mortgage   Novated Lease
A1 Car Loans, along with our and companies, is committed to helping both business and individuals find the finance that suits their needs.
Do you need a car loan, a car lease, a hire purchase or a chattel mortgage?   A1 Car Loans will help you understand the jargon.
A1 Car Loans can provide loans for new cars and used cars. The cars can be from a car dealer, auctions or from a private sale.
Please use our finance calculators to help work out your loan repayment, or use our salary packaging calculator to see how a novated lease will affect your take home pay.
At A1 Car Loans, we suggest you talk to us about having your finance pre-approved before you go car hunting.  Being pre approved for your finance gives you extra bargaining power when shopping for a new car or a used car.
A1 Car Loans has its own in house fleet management service to help you manage your car or other asset expenses, and we have a car buying system to track down the best new car price for you.
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* The interest rate will be finalised once the value of the loan has been determined and an application for finance has been assessed. 

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