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Do I need a car loan, a car lease, a hire purchase or a chattel mortgage?  Should my equipment finance be a finance lease, an operating lease or a chattel mortgage?  A1 Car Loans will help you understand the jargon.

At A1 Car Loans, it is vital that you get the right finance product tailored to suit your needs.  When you contact A1 Car Loans we will conduct a needs analysis with you to help us understand exactly what you are looking for.

Use one of our loan calculators to determine what is best for you.  Our FAST QUOTE calculator will help you with car loan, hire purchase and chattel mortgage quotes, while our Novated Lease Calculator will help with your salary packaging needs.

There are a few different things you need to consider when seeking finance for your car or equipment finance.

Are you a sole trader, a company or are you involved in a partnership? 

You may need to discuss with your accountant how your accounts are managed.  If you use cash accounting, there are 2 finance options you may consider.  These options include using a Finance Lease, or a Chattel Mortgage

An alternative to cash accounting is accrual based accounting.  If this is how you run your books, then your should consider a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) 

If you are an individual, you need to determine whether the car finance you are looking for will relate to a personal or a business use vehicle.

If your employer offers a car allowance as part of your salary, then there are 2 main types of finance for you to consider.  A Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) and a Finance Lease are generally considered the best options if you are using a car for business purposes.

If your employer offers salary packaging, whereby you can use some pre-tax income to purchase a car, then you should consider a Novated Lease / Finance Lease.

If you are simply looking for a car and are not able to access salary packaging, then a Consumer Loan / Car loan  should be on your shopping list.


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